Reflections I, downloadable JPEG collection of 3 original photo backgrounds (screen-resolution)

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Reflections I is a collection of beautiful backgrounds created from my own original photos, in 3 versions: light greens, colorful, and darker greens, so you'll be able to use this collection for a wide variety of design projects.

Technical matters:

  • These are maximum-quality JPEG files at 72 dpi (screen resolution); they are not meant to be print quality.
  • Each file is 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high.
  • Each image is originally comprised of 3 layers, which are combined into single-layer JPEG files.
  • You'll receive a single .zip file* containing all 3 background files shown. (Your files will not have the watermarks shown in the images here.)

*You'll need a utility such as StuffIt Expander to unzip the downloaded file.

Ideas for using these images: These gorgeous screen-resolution backgrounds are intended for use on electronic devices. You can resize or crop them to be used as wallpaper and screensavers for your computer, iPad, or smartphone (there are lots of tutorials online for making these the right size and proportion for your device).

Also, I use these images myself as backgrounds on my blogs and websites, including using parts of them for header backgrounds, backgrounds for Facebook cover images, etc. And you can use them as backgrounds for e-mailings, e-cards, backgrounds for presentation slides, and more!

Inspired by these colors? Get the palette shown here, developed from the first photo in this set!

Copyright stuff: These images, once purchased, are for use in your personal projects, BUT please don't resell the original images (shown here) as your own work.

Coming soon: I'll be adding high-resolution (print quality) versions of my photo background collections very soon; you'll be able to use these for custom greeting cards, calendars, backgrounds for images printed on canvas, flyers, etc., etc. Look for them here!