Stranded Skeins multi-strand art yarn in Cypress (sage/olive/turquoise/gold)

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We know that Knittique's Scraplet Skeins™ may be a little too, shall we say, exuberant for some lovely knitters, so we've created these special skeins to give you the same colorful, multi-textural experience, with a little dash of subtlety. Stranded Skeins™ are made to use either in combination with our Scraplet Skeins™ (see capelet photos), or to substitute for them— each 120-yd. Stranded Skein is the same yardage and gauge as the Scraplet Skeins™, so they're interchangeable in all Knittique Scraplet Skeins™ patterns!

Stranded Skeins™ are made by combining multiple strands of yarns together by hand, creating multi-textured skeins that are truly unique; no 2 skeins are ever exactly alike. They're even more unique because each Stranded Skein includes at least 1 yarn that was hand-painted exclusively for Knittique!

Because each skein is one-of-a-kind, the fiber content varies with each skein; please read the Materials list carefully.

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

MATERIALS in the Cypress Stranded Skein: wool, alpaca, mohair, bamboo. From left to right in strands photo: solid wool/alpaca, solid wool/mohair, hand-painted-for-Knittique wool/bamboo. (The bright bits of gold and turquoise come from the hand-painted strand.)

Weight: Approx. 8 oz.
Yards: Approx. 120

Gauge: The gauge of this specific swatch, made on a U.S. #13 needle, is 9 stitches/13 rows in 4"/10 cm. The swatch shown here is made with the exact combination of yarns as in the skein.

PLEASE NOTE: All yarns will be wound into center-pull balls before shipping, so they'll arrive ready-to-use! If you'd rather your yarn was left in skein form (as shown here), you must let us know when you place your order. Thank you!

PATTERN SUGGESTION: The Loop Scarf/Capelet pattern, shown here in Scraplet Skeins™ color Primavera and Stranded Skeins in Aquarelle, is a good choice for the Cypress skein, although it can be used with any Scraplet Skeins™ patterns. (Sorry, the yarns used in the sample are both sold out.)

Please note that to make this capelet, you will need 2 skeins of this size; 1 Stranded Skein is enough for 1/2 of this reversible capelet. (The plainer half of the sample capelet is made with a Stranded Skein.) You could use the Golden Cypress Stranded Skein (basically the same as this skein, but with lots of metallic gold sparkle) for the other half! (See listing for this pattern for more information about materials needed for this project.)

Thrifty tip: You can also use just 1 of our skeins (Stranded, Scraplet, Signature) to make this design. Just pair it with at least 120 yards of your own yarn in a similar gauge (see Gauge, below). Great way to use up those leftover bits that are too small to make something on their own, but too nice to toss out!

Please note that this pattern is not included in this listing.