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Scraplet Skeins multi-textured hand-tied yarn in Fade to Black

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This stunning new ombré colorway is called Fade to Black. (You know I love an ombré!) There may not be 50 shades in this colorway, but there are more than enough to create a gorgeous effect. Did you see the pillow photos??

Weight: Approx. 7 oz.
Yards: Approx. 120

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

PLEASE NOTE: All yarns will be wound into center-pull balls before shipping, so they'll arrive ready-to-use! If you'd rather your yarn was left in skein form (as shown here), you must let us know when you place your order. Thank you!

What are Scraplet Skeins™?  Scraplet Skeins™ from Knittique are produced by hand-tying multiple strands of yarns together in a specific color sequence, creating multi-textured skeins that are truly unique; we rarely make more than 5 skeins of any one colorway, and of those, no 2 are ever exactly alike— the yarns that make up each skein vary considerably, although the color sequence will be consistent. Think of Scraplet Skeins™ as a multi-textural version of self-striping yarns!

MATERIALS: Each of our Scraplet Skeins™ incorporates a minimum of 20 different yarns, so each skein may contain any (or all) of the following fibers: wool, angora, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, viscose, cotton, silk, banana leaf fiber, soysilk, bamboo, acrylic, polyester, nylon, metallic. (The label will have the exact materials in your skeins clearly marked.)

COLORS: The sequence of colors on the color card is the same as in the skein; often when the yarn is wound into a skein, it can look as if one or more colors are more dominant than they actually are, so we include the color card photo to give you the most accurate color-sequence information. Please also note that when I offer more than 1 skein in the same colorway, the color sequence shown on the card will be the same, BUT your skein may not have all the exact yarns shown in the color card photo.

PATTERN SUGGESTIONS: You'll only need 1 skein of this size (120 yds.) to make many of our Scraplet Skeins patterns!

The Entrelac Pillow Pattern in these photos was made with the Fade to Black colorway; the instructions include adding the optional ruffle-yarn trim. (I'm showing the pillow with and without the ruffle.) To make the pillow as shown, with overlapping panels on the back, you'll need 2 Scraplet Skeins, plus a little extra to finish the back panels, and the optional ruffle yarn for trim.

Please note that this pattern is not included in this listing.

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