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Photo/Graphic Design

Rosy Glow Photo Montage on 24"x20" Gallery-wrapped Canvas, ready to hang

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This montage was made by blending multiple copies of one image to create a kind of explosion effect. The brilliant color and larger-than-life image will brighten any space! It is signed, and there is only one like it.*

This image is professionally printed with fade-resistant inks on canvas that is stretched and wrapped, gallery-style, around a wood frame that's .75" deep. (This style of wrapping doesn't require a frame to hang, but you can certainly frame it if you wish.)

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

The second photo shows an exhibit of my canvases; the one shown here is near the left side, and gives you an idea of the generous size of this piece. 

SHIPPING NOTES: Shipping cost = $18.95 per canvas. Canvases can only be shipped to the continental U.S. and Canada. In the Portland, Oregon area? I'll deliver your canvas to you free, within a 30-mile radius of downtown Portland!

*This item is one-of-a-kind (OOAK), meaning that I will not make another canvas with this image in the same size as this canvas. So there will never be a canvas exactly like this one!

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