Reversible Capelet Hand-knitted Sample in Neutral Territory
Reversible Capelet Hand-knitted Sample in Neutral Territory
Reversible Capelet Hand-knitted Sample in Neutral Territory

Reversible Capelet Hand-knitted Sample in Neutral Territory

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Knittique's knitwear samples are now available at Colormusing! These are all one-of-a-kind pieces, made during the development of original knitwear patterns, using Knittique's own Scraplet Skeins, for truly unique accessories that will express your individualist style.

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

Sample pricing: Since this piece has been worn occasionally by models (including Lola the Mannequin), and tried on in yarn stores during trunk shows, we are offering this sample at a very special price— but remember that we only have one!

The Loop Scarf/Capelet in Neutral Territory: This beautiful capelet is truly unique-- it reverses from the quieter side, striped in soft creamy white, pale gold, and beige, to a more dramatic range of charcoal, silver, blue-grey, and black; there is a fair amount of sparkle in this glamorous piece too!

In the 1st photo, Lola is wearing it with the lighter side showing, and with a little peek of shoulder! (The black strap on the shoulder is the top underneath the capelet— not included.) It can also be worn cowl-style, draped around the neck and shoulders. And the capelet is shown unfolded in the 2nd photo; this gives you an idea of the shaping in the middle of the piece, that gives the capelet a graceful shape (and keeps it from falling off your shoulders).

Size: When folded in half for wearing (as shown in the mannequin photos), the Never-Boring Neutrals Capelet measures approximately 10" long; it's about 50" around the lower edge, so it should fit most people. The top (folded) edge is about 32" around. 

Materials: There are more than 20 different yarns in this capelet, including wool, mohair, silk, alpaca, cotton, angora, rayon/viscose, bamboo, nylon, acrylic, and polyester.

Care: Occasional hand-washing is good for these high-quality fibers; simply soak in cool water with a gentle detergent (or any of the products made specifically for hand-knitted pieces), rinse gently in cool water, squeeze out as much water as possible without wringing, and lay flat to dry. Shake to fluff a little when it's dry.

Get this pattern: If you'd like to make your own Loop Scarf/Capelet, the pattern is now available! (To make the style shown here, you'll need 1 Scraplet Skein plus 1 Stranded Skein; see pattern for more information.) And although the Neutral Territory Scraplet Skeins colorway shown here is sold out, there are plenty of beautiful colors available in the Knittique section.