Hand-painted, shiny novelty flag-style yarn in Cupid (pink/fuchsia/red)

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Knittique is now in its second year of producing exclusive, limited-edition hand-painted yarns, and this fabulous flag yarn is one of the novelty fibers I specialize in!

This bright colorway, Cupid, is an artful blend of deep fuchsia pinks with pops of vibrant reds. Gorgeous!

Color: HP0095 Cupid
Yarn name: Ticklish
Fiber: 100% nylon
Suggested needles: U.S. #7-10*

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

Skein weight: 56 g/2 oz.
Yards/skein: 120

Gauge: U.S. #10 needle: 13 sts = 4”*

*Note: While this yarn can be worked alone (as shown in the swatch), it is more frequently carried along with another yarn; your gauge could vary considerably as a result.

PLEASE NOTE: All yarns will be wound into center-pull balls before shipping, so they'll arrive ready-to-use! If you'd rather your yarn was left in skein form (as shown here), you must let us know when you place your order. Thank you!

Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Rinse in cool water, and gently squeeze out excess water. Lay on towels or drying rack to air-dry; you could also put it in your dryer IF it's with no heat at all, such as a gentle cycle.

PROJECT IDEAS: If knitted alone on a fairly large needle (U.S. 10.5-13), you could make a cowl or small scarf from this 1 skein. Ticklish also works wonderfully well when combined with another strand (like our sparkly alpaca, also in the Cupid colorway), in which case it would go further, since you'd presumably be knitting the combination on larger needles.