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DIY bra + panty sewing KIT, coral/fuchsia/magenta, hand-dyed trims, save 15%, FREE wash bag included!

$ 56.85

You can make this gorgeous lace-trimmed bra & panty set yourself, with all the materials you need included in this kit! And by buying this kit to make the set, you'll save a full 15% versus the cost of buying them separately!

Many of the materials in this kit have been hand-dyed to create the tonal color palette of coral, fuchsia, magenta, and rose-red. (Please note that, although the hand-dyed materials have been thoroughly rinsed, there's always a slight possibility that a small amount of residual color may rinse out in the first washing. See Note #5 for more information.)

Please note: Patterns, underwires, and thread are not included.

The materials you'll receive are exactly what you'll need to make the bra and panty shown; quantities are actually slightly larger than what was used for this size 36DD bra and size XL panty samples.

Like this color palette? Get the palette, with color specifications and editable layers, to use in your own projects!

Here's what you'll receive (numbers correspond to materials in the 2nd photo):

Bra (2nd photo):

1. Powernet fabric, fuchsia, hand-dyed, approx. 18" x 18"
2. Strap elastic, red, hand-dyed, 3/8" wide, approx. 1 yard (18" per strap)
3. Back hook & eye closure, deep fuchsia, hand-dyed, approx. 2 1/4" high x 3 hooks wide (unfinished edges)
4. 2 sets 1/2" strap rings & sliders, hand-dyed, palest pink
5. Flower embellishment, fuchsia, hand-dyed, 3 (these come connected together)
6. Underwire channeling, fuchsia, hand-dyed, approx. 32" (16" per wire)
7. Satin tubing for front straps, deep fuchsia, 1/4" wide, approx. 40"
8. Elastic satin-stitch piping, red, hand-dyed, approx. 2 yards
*9. Jersey-knit fabric, bright coral 95% polyester/5% Spandex , approx. 60" x 26"
10. Stabilizer (for jersey), fusible tricot, approx. 60" x 15"
11. Embroidered tulle trim, coral/magenta, approx. 22"

*This fabric is the one the bra and panty both use, so for this kit, I'll combine them into one piece of fabric. The measurement given here is the combined total.

Panty (6th photo):
1. 1 3/8"-wide foldover elastic (for top band), deep rose-red, approx. 1 yard
2. Flower embellishment, fuchsia, 1
3. Jersey-knit fabric, same as #9 for bra; see * above.
4. 5/8"-wide foldover elastic (for legs), deep rose-red, approx. 48"
5. Cotton knit (for crotch lining), fuchsia, approx. 9" x 8"


1. There are NO PATTERNS included in this kit.

2. The bra pattern used for this sample is Kwik-Sew 3594, which has been modified to use a jersey fabric stabilized with fusible interfacing (included), and other modifications (see 3, below).

The panty pattern used for this sample is Kwik-Sew 3881, View B.

3. Lindy has written 2 blog posts for this bra project, the first showing how to make the pattern modifications and start sewing; the second post shows how to finish sewing it together, including making the unusual straps shown here.

Lindy has also written a blog post about making the panty, including full instructions for how to sew the enclosed crotch seams, as well as how to apply the foldover elastic.

4. This pattern calls for making fabric straps in front; they're done differently in this sample, but you'll receive enough fabric to make these with this pattern if you want to do that. (Please note that we can't guarantee that these materials will work with every pattern available.)

5. If using the wash bag, machine-wash in cool/cold water on the delicate cycle, and air-dry your pieces (please don't put them in the dryer!). Otherwise, we recommend that you hand-wash and air-dry your hand-made panty. For the first two washes, we also recommend keeping your panty separate from other items, just in case there's any color bleeding. (This can happen with commercially-dyed fabrics, and well as hand-dyed ones.)

6. Your kit will be packaged in the handy mesh wash bag (last photo), perfect for laundering your delicates! This bag is 14" x 18" with a nylon zipper. The bag in the photo has already been through the wash several times; there's 1 bra and 1 panty inside, to give you an idea of its capacity.

Note: Because of the size of the mesh, we recommend fastening your bra's hook & eye closure before putting it in the bag.

Of course, you are free to use any pattern you want, as long as the pieces will work with this kit's material sizes! (If you're not sure, lay your pattern pieces out in spaces corresponding to the material sizes listed above.)

QUESTIONS? Please ask before you order! Some materials can be customized, for example, if you'd like a larger piece of power net to make a full band, we can usually accommodate you (additional charges may apply).

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