Birthstones III Color Palettes Curated Collection, instant-download set of 3 palettes (March/May/Sept), editable PSD/JPEG files

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New! Colormusing's Color Palette Curated Collections— save 50% versus buying palettes individually! We've carefully curated these collections, not just to coordinate with each other, but to provide you with a wider range of hues to mix and match. Have fun with these!

The Birthstone III collection covers the third quarter of the year: March (Aquamarine), May (Emerald), and September (Sapphire).

Aside: I'm finding it very interesting, when I put 3 different palettes together into the 3-palette image here, that the colors seem to relate to each other in ways I hadn't anticipated. My own tendency is to want to keep things tonal (e.g. shades of green, like the Peridot palette), so putting together these collections is helping me to see my own palettes in a new way! End of aside.

You'll find the rest of the collection also available as either single-palette downloads, or as sets of 3 like this one. Collect them all! : )

Each download includes a .zip file* with the following:

  • 3 Adobe Photoshop CC files (.psd), 1200 x 800 pixels, 150 ppi resolution. These files (one for each palette) include editable layers, including text layers labeling each color in the palette with its hex # and its CMYK values. Each has a layer with the entire palette, and palette colors are also each on separate layers.
  • 3 JPEG files (.jpg), 1200 x 800 pixels, 150 ppi resolution. These files include the palette only, one for each color.
  • Please note that the 1st image (the one with all 3 palettes) is NOT included.

*You'll need a utility such as StuffIt Expander to unzip the downloaded file.

Ideas for using these images: These gorgeous screen/print-resolution palettes can be used separately, or you can mix and match colors from the different palettes to create your own unique combination!

Since these are print-quality, you could have one (or all) printed as palettes on canvas for a bold artistic statement. I've even had palettes printed as custom fabric designs! (See more suggested uses in individual color palette listings, and in our blog tutorials too.)

Also, I use these palettes myself as backgrounds on my blogs and websites, including using parts of them for header backgrounds, backgrounds for Facebook cover images, etc. And you can use them as backgrounds for e-mailings, e-cards, backgrounds for presentation slides, and more!


Copyright stuff: These images, once purchased, are for use in your personal projects, BUT please don't resell the original images (shown here) as your own work.