Consulting with Colormusing

Consulting with Colormusing

One of the things I love best about my work is consulting with you (yes, you!). Don't need a consultant, you say? Well, here's the thing: I think almost all of us, at one time or another, can benefit from a different perspective, even (or maybe especially) when we think we've got it all figured out. Think of me as a helpful friend, looking over your shoulder, talking you through the process— and leaving you with new-found skills. My ultimate goal is to make you more self-sufficient.

Keep in mind that many projects allow for what you might call remote consulting, via e-mail, phone, or Skype; virtual assisting and one-on-one tutorials are especially suited to this approach, and I've also consulted long-distance with clients about their wardrobes, website design, social media image creation, and much more. So don't hesitate to contact me from wherever you are!

Here are some projects I could help with:

  • Wardrobe consulting. I've had experience with clients who had enormous wardrobes— but couldn't consistently put outfits together. Here's how I can help: I'll look everything over to get a feeling for your individual style, show you how to organize your wardrobe in the way that makes most sense for the way clothes function for you, give suggestions for specific ensembles, help make decisions about what to keep, and (bonus!) I can teach you to make simple alterations and repairs!  What I do NOT do is sell you clothes; my aim is to show you how to get the most out of what you already own. After our session, I'll send you a detailed report on everything we covered, plus color palettes based on your clothes to use as a starting point for outfits (and future shopping)

  • Cerebral Debbie palette Successful Debbie Tropical Debbie

Here's an example of palettes from one consulting session: (above, L to R) Cerebral Debbie (mostly neutrals/metallics, for relaxing/social time); Successful Debbie (office-wear, featuring bold contrasts with interesting neutrals and a pop of bright color); Tropical Debbie (the super-bright hues this client loves to wear when on business trips in Florida and the Caribbean). And these were all developed from colors already in her closet!

Wardrobe consulting fee: 2 hours with you and your clothes + customized palettes and session notes = $100.00

Looking for wardrobe inspiration? Browse my Changing Your Clothes blog, and follow my Color in your Wardrobe board on Pinterest!

  • Costume design consulting for film/stage productions: After working on a film set as Head Costume Designer/Wardrobe Manager, during which I created color palettes for each character (palettes which changed as the story progressed), I decided to offer my services as a costume consultant. Here's how I can help: I read your script, then give you a detailed list of suggestions for each character, including color palettes, specific clothing style recommendations, and ideas for sourcing.

This would be an enormous help on small-budget productions, which very often resort to asking actors to bring their own clothes— not helpful unless the actors' styles happen to be exactly like the characters they're playing. What I'm suggesting is a simple, cost-effective solution that will give your production a new level of professionalism and sophistication.

    Costume consulting fee: Varies depending on scope of job (number of characters, etc.); typically, I charge a day rate of $500.00, with the average job completed in 3 days.

    Looking for costume inspiration? Follow my Cinematic Color board on Pinterest!

    • Interior design consulting: Whether you need some quick decorating ideas for a dinner party, or you're working with an interior designer on a whole-house revamp, I can guide you through the color side of things. Here's how I can help: I'll develop color palettes that not only reflect your personal style and lifestyle, but that also create a sense of cohesion throughout your home. (Now that I think about it, I can do the same for your office space!) And since I have lots of experience designing and making accessories like hand-knitted pillows (and hand-dyeing yarns and fabrics), I can even teach you how to DIY these, to make your home even more uniquely expressive.

    Interior design/color consulting fee: Varies depending on scope of job; typically, I charge an hourly rate of $60.00, but for some projects, I switch to a flat fee. No job is too small!

    Looking for interior inspiration? Follow my Color at Home board on Pinterest!

    • Graphic design consulting: Need design help with a logo, business card, website header, social media images, or e-mail newsletter, but would really like to be able to handle this yourself? I've got the perfect solution!  Here's how I can help: I'll work with you, literally side-by-side, with your software, to guide you through your current project, and also to leave you with the skills to maintain your website or whatever it is. My goal, again, is always to help you towards self-sufficiency.

    Colormusing logo


    Like the Colormusing logo? I can walk you through developing your own. But it will be more than just a logo— together, we can design an entire branding strategy!

    Graphic design/color consulting fee: Varies, but typically, I charge an hourly rate of $50.00. Again, no job is too small!

    Looking for graphic inspiration? Follow my Color in Design board on Pinterest!



    These are my primary areas for consulting, but don't hesitate to ask when something comes up that's not on this list (ooh, wedding/event planning comes to mind!). I like to help fill those gaps! Call 503-807-2843, or contact me via e-mail. Can't wait to hear from you!