Colormusing Mini-Portfolio

As you can see throughout this site, my design work spans a wide range— from graphic design to knitwear— and color is clearly the common element. I don't stop at just creating a pretty palette; I demonstrate many different ways to apply them. In addition, rather than simply offer a palette or downloadable photo background for sale, I write tutorials for using palettes in graphic design, sewing, dyeing, creating photo montages, and much more, because my primary goal is to help you increase your own skills!

The samples of my work that I'm showing on this page are mostly projects I've done for clients, that don't appear elsewhere on the Colormusing website. Some, like The Harvest Wine Bar, are still in progress, so there may not be links to that client's website yet, but I will update these as appropriate. Meanwhile, browse, get intrigued, maybe even inspired! And to find out more about my offline work, visit Consulting with Colormusing.


The Harvest Wine Bar logo


This client, who took over this restaurant and changed its name, asked for something simple, down-to-earth, but modern, with a hint of humor. I created several "seasonal" versions of this primary color palette, for use in social media and on menus, which they print themselves.

They also requested that I train them to do as much of the future design and printing work themselves, so I've consulted with them on several occasions. I designed the menu and wine list, then showed the client how to open this in InDesign and add the text as their menus change. The gift certificate was also designed so that the client can print them as needed.

Harvest Wine Bar business cards
Harvest menu and wine list
Harvest gift certificate
 The Harvest Wine Bar Facebook page mockup

 This Facebook cover image (above) is an example of my photo montage ability, as are the Space Odyssey designs (below).



NYE Milonga posterThis client required both a large color poster and a greyscale version (8.5" x 5.5") that could be printed as needed. 


I also created Facebook page images, and a title graphic and profile photos for the event website:

 NYE Milonga FB page cover image
Milonga organizer image for website

Milonga DJ image for website