Colormusing & How It Got That Way

Almost without realizing it, Lindy Thibodaux has been gradually developing the Colormusing concept over the last several years, starting when she first developed Scraplet Skeins™ for Knittique, her line of yarns and knitting patterns that started as a retail store. That's when she first started focusing on creating color sequences, with yarn, that is.

Lindy had also been into photography for quite a long time—before she started Knittique, and before digital cameras, in fact. And while doing a lot of freelance graphic design work, she started experimenting with creating photo montages; since these are made by blending multiple images in layers, the colors in the resulting montages were often quite different than the original photos. So Lindy started pulling colors from the montages to create new color palettes. Which she later applied to her hand-tied skeins.

Photos turn into montages, which turn into palettes, which turn into color sequences and dye recipes for yarns and lingerie materials.

It's kind of The Circle of Life, color-wise.

Over a number of years, Lindy has acquired a collection of Etsy shops: one for yarns and patterns (Knittique), another for photos and montages on canvas, along with digital files for graphic design use (It's All About Hue), and the latest addition, My Bratelier, the new and growing collection of lingerie sewing kits, which include materials that are hand-dyed— another application of Lindy's original color palettes.

And now it's time to consolidate all these—yarns, artwork, lingerie kits, and (of course) color palettes— into one big shop, under one name: Colormusing. Because for us, and we hope for you too, it really is all about hue™.

CM dots

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