NEW: Save 50% with Color Palette Curated Collections!

Here's something brand-spanking-new this week: I'm curating collections of color palettes into sets of 3, at a fabulous price— just $5.95 per set, which saves you 50% versus buying 3 palettes separately!

And hey, saving money is always good (right?), but when you're in the market for a variety of palettes, these little bundles of color joy also save you the effort of choosing which might work well together. And — bonus! — these collections often link to related products.

Take these Market Tomato palettes, for example:

 Market Tomat0 color palette Market Tomatoes 2 color palette

Market Tomatoes 3 color palette

These palettes all have hues in common (notably greens and reds), but although each is distinct, you may have projects that need a wider range of colors than the 5 in each of my palettes. So the Market Tomatoes palette collection could be the answer!

And a funny thing happened on the way to creating these collections: I discovered that by combining all 3 palettes into 1 image results in something unique:

Market Tomatoes color palette set

This kind of image could be used in a lot of different ways. What about just having it printed, as is, on canvas, to hang on the wall of the room you've just redecorated using the palette colors? (These palettes would work really well for a kid's room, don't you think?)

I'm also working on collections that are based more on themes than on color-related palettes, like the Birthstone Collections I've just prepared. This is a set of 4 Collections, each containing palettes for 3 birthstones. Here's the April/May/June one:

Birthstones II Color Palette Curated Collection, set of 3 downloadable PSD/JPEG files

You'll find the rest of the Birthstone palette sets alongside this one in Colormusing's Color Palette Collection. And whenever you see a 3-part palette like this one, you'll know you're getting a great deal, as well as a fantastic palette collection!

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