Just Added: Photo Collections & Single-Image Downloads!

I'm super-excited to announce that Colormusing is expanding its Digital Graphic Files Collection to include our own style of "stock" photography— a little different from the hyper-slick, rather generic stock photography that's widely available. These are a bit more real, which makes us believe that they'll actually be more useful!

For example, take a look at these photos (each is available as a single-image download):

 Peaches I single-image download Peppers I single-image download Fresh Herbs downloadable photo


Now imagine one (or more) of them in a poster advertising your farmer's market!

And we're also adding collections of related photos, to make it easy for you to find the exact image you want, and possibly use all 3 in a set for a really lavish illustration! Here's one of my favorite sets (continuing the farmer's market theme):

 Mushrooms set of 3 high-res downloadable photos Mushrooms set of 3 high-res downloadable photos Mushrooms set of 3 high-res downloadable photos


This set in particular I can also see working well as backgrounds; if you blur them a fair amount, I imagine they could look like marble!

And like virtually every other Colormusing product, each photo or set has a coordinating color palette, like this colorful example:

 Market Tomatoes photo set Market Tomato color palette

Colormusing home page

Coming soon: Besides lots more downloadable photos and photo sets, I'm working right now on more tutorials for things to do with these photos, and also ways to combine Colormusing photos with their coordinating color palettes! Stay tuned!

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