Hue News, Colormusing's E-mail Newsletter, Launches Nov. 1!

Hot off the press! (You know what I mean.) On November 1, 2015, Colormusing will send out its very first monthly (and free) e-mail newsletter!

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Called Hue News (natch), it will feature:

  • The Palette of the Month (POM)
  • Ideas for how to use the POM
  • Links to new tutorials & related blog posts
  • Discount codes & specials only available through Hue News

I know all our e-mail inboxes are already overloaded, but guys, this is just once a month. Okay, I might send out an occasional supplement, but absolutely no more than 2 mailings per month, I promise. And you won't have to scroll for days— it'll be short, sweet, and pretty to look at!

Did I mention that the discount codes will only be useable during the first week of each month? Translation: Get thee to the sign-up page, pronto, and look forward to our colorful little updates every month thereafter!

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Privacy matters: Colormusing promises to never, ever use your name and e-mail address for anything other than sending you our own news. And you can  unsubscribe at any time.

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