Welcome to Colormusing's Brand New All-in-One Shop!

Okay, I bet I know what you're asking yourself: If this is the new shop, where was the old one?

You can get all the intriguing details on my About Us page, but here's the condensed version: The "old one" was really several old ones, and now they're all happily combined right here! Yes, folks, instead of going hither and yon, now you can just browse and shop in one place, where you'll find beautiful hand-dyed yarns and original knitwear patterns, one-of-a-kind knitted samples and fiber-art jewelry, gorgeous photography and photo/graphic montages on canvas, lingerie sewing kits with hand-dyed materials, and — for the first time — downloadable Colormusing color palettes and other digital graphic files to use in your own projects!

So enjoy browsing around my brand-new Colormusing shop! For me, it really is all about hue, and I hope that's your experience too while you're here.

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