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Color Palettes: How, What, Why — play with color

Take a Palette to your Closet!

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When you look at any of the Colormusing palettes, you'll see that one of my suggestions for using a palette is to apply it to your wardrobe. (Think about it— we already create palettes every time we get dressed, without even realizing it.) But how exactly do you do that? Here's a post I wrote a while back on my Changing Your Clothes blog about this very subject. (The palette I used for my examples, one of which is shown above, actually came from a book aimed at interior designers, but I found inspiration in so many of its palettes,...

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Tutorial: Creating Your Own Palettes in Photoshop

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Wondering how (or even if) you can create your own color palettes? Well, I've just posted a tutorial on Colormusing's main blog, A Musing, designed to get you started by picking colors from a photograph. (This is a great way to make use of photos that may not be that wonderful in quality, but which have pretty colors. Even if it's digital, why waste it?) With lots of screen shots and a step-by-step explanation of the process, you'll be making palettes before you know it! Click on either photo below to go to this tutorial. And have fun! From this......

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Free Color Palettes: What's the Catch?

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Yes, color-loving folks, I'm going to let you in on a secret: The color palettes you see here on Colormusing are actually available to you for free. When I create them I usually start on one of my favorite websites, (You'll find me there as — what else? — Colormusing.) At ColourLovers, you're able to download palettes, individual colors, and more, for your own use. Free.   ColourLovers (left), Colormusing (right): Is there a difference? What's the catch? Files only download in 1 file format: PNG. While they do offer you a range of sizes to download (from Preview...

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Color Your World: Why it Matters

color palette projects play with color using color palettes

Question: When you're deciding what to wear in the morning, do you feel an urge to experiment with a new color combination, but end up putting on that tried-and-true outfit instead? (What if it clashes? What if you stand out in the crowd? What if everyone thinks you're weird?) We know. You love color, but at the same time, maybe you're just a little afraid of it.   What to do?! We understand. And at Colormusing, we want all of us to break out of whatever color ruts we may be in, whether it's with our wardrobes or home decor,...

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