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Am I Blue?

Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on you. A recent episode of Top Chef included a cooking challenge that took place on the grounds of a famous tequila manufacturer in Mexico. I was particularly struck by the fields of row after row of perfectly-spaced agave plants, and their distinctive smoky blue-green-aqua hues, which I've tried to capture in my Palette of the Month for March. Meet Blue Agave!

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Blue Agave: Colormusing's Palette of the Month!


"It's hard to pick a color scheme." "I'm just not good with color." "You have to be a designer/artist/professional to know what you're doing."

Sound familiar?

At Colormusing, we'd like everyone to get comfortable embracing the world of color, in all its multi-hued, versatile, happy-making glory. So in this brand-new online space, we're presenting our color palette collection to inspire your own projects, along with ideas and tutorials for how to actually put the palettes to use in practical ways (travel wardrobe, blog design, home décor, just to name a few. And speaking of blogs, be sure to take a look at ours, here at CM HQ, and at our original blog, A Musing).

And CM's array of colorful products shows our own favorite ways to use palettes, from yarn to sewing kits to artwork. And going forward, we'll be showing you how to create your own!

Welcome to Colormusing— let's play!

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